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Standard Features :

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Belt – Sway Switch Series : BSW

Application :

The switch allows smooth running of the conveyor and protects it from damages by over swaying which can occur due to uneven loading of material, worn out idler roller bearings etc. Belt sway switch is also known as Run Off Switch

Construction :

The switch is housed in dust and weatherproof enclosure with IP65 grade of protection. The contact roller is supported on poly plastic bearing (Delrin) having high relativity of lubrications and the lowest coefficient of friction. This assures smooth operation of the roller over a long period of the time. Roller mechanism is of self reset type. The enclosure is epoxy painted to withstand harsh climate.
For normal running of the belt with acceptable swaying, the belt-sway switch is generally mounted on both sides and near the edge of the conveyor belt. A is generally mounted on the both sides and near the edge of the conveyor belt. A small clearance is allowed between contact roller and the belt edge to allow the normal running of the belt with acceptable swaying. When swaying exceeds normal limit, the belt edge pushes the contact roller, which drives the switch and operates the contacts. The switch reset automatically when the belt resumes normal running.

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Frequently asked questions

Belt Sway Switch

1] What is belt sway switch?

Ans: Belt sway switch is heavy-duty field mounted protective switch Used to detect sway or deviation in belt due to overload or tear in Bellator misalignment.

2] How does belt sway switch work?

Ans: Belt sway switch is mounted in such a way that roller position of Belt sway switch( belt alignment switch) will come in an acceptable range Of deviation. If the deviation exceeds the belt pushes the roller and Contact inside switch gets change. This change in contact is used for Further interlock.

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